About the Blog

The Wolverine Wellness blog is a collaborative effort among undergraduate and graduate students interested in health promotion and social justice as well as our dedicated staff within the Wolverine Wellness Department at the University Health Services. Our goal is to provide UM students with up-to-date and interesting health and wellness information and share inspiring stories, tips and ideas about how to find balance and achieve wellness during this hectic and overwhelming time in our lives!

Regular contributors include:

If you are interested in contributing to the blog, please contact the administrators at umwellnessblog@gmail.com.

For more information about wellness, specific health issues, or campus and community health and wellness resources, check out some of the “Campus Resources” on the right sidebar!

*Disclaimer: The Wolverine Wellness blog does not constitute official university content and statements and opinions made by contributors do not reflect those of the University. Contributors are students who are passionate about health and wellness, and posts are solely the responsibility of the author. The information provided in this blog is not intended to provide medical, legal or other professional advice. Any information taken and used from this source is done so at the reader’s own risk.


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