Random Acts of Kindness: Focus on Others

By Hilary Keno, SPH

Think back to the last random act of kindness you performed. Was it today? Last week? Last month? Can’t Remember? Regardless of when it was, here are a few ways you can ‘pay it forward’ and make someone else’s day!

1). Put a quarter in someone’s parking meeter that’s about to run out (if you’re like me and you hoard all your quarters, a nickle or dime will do too)

photo credit: Matt Peoples retrieved from flickr creative commons

photo credit: Matt Peoples retrieved from flickr creative commons

2). If you pass a homeless man or woman, and have a few bucks to spare, ask if you can buy them a sandwhich or cup of coffee

3). Compliment someone. Whether it’s your best friend or a complete stranger, telling someone something nice about themselves is a sure way to lift not only their spirits, but your own as well

4).  Hold the door. As simple as it seems, when a stranger makes a point to hold the door for me- even if it’s not in a gallant and dramatic way- it makes me happy. Whether it is just the person behind you walking into the grad, or making a point to wait for someone running in from out in the rain, that small gesture can make a big difference

5). Donate your old clothes. With spring finally upon us, what better way to get in the spring cleaning mood than to set aside your gently used items that can be given a new home? Salvation Army gladly accepts donations

6). Even if you can’t appease all these simple gestures, how about this. SMILE! Just smiling at a stranger you pass on your way to class- sparing but a moments glance away from your phone- can make a difference. Just another reminder that we actually aren’t as invisible as it may sometimes seem…

What other ways have you passed on an act of kindness lately?


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