Five Acts of Kindness to Restore Your Faith in Humanity

By Hilary K.- SPH

In light of the numerous tragedies that have begun to seem so commonplace in the world today, let us take a moment to reflect- not on the hate and violence, but on the good. Here just 5 acts of kindness, both large and small, that have begun to restore some of my faith in our world.

1). Suspended Coffees– A tradition that originated in Naples, Italy and has spread halfway around the globe, the concept of suspended coffees is one of pure generosity. In many cafes and coffee shops around the world, suspended coffees may be purchased and left for those less fortunate, whom then can come in and request a cup. Every suspended cup has already been paid for, and those who can otherwise not afford this luxury are able to warm up with  with a good ol’ cup of joe.  Read more about this wonderful movement here and find out if any shops near you offer this lovely commodity! > Suspended Coffees

photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons

photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons

2). Chicago Christian Group at the Gay Pride Parade– At the 41st annual Chicago Gay Pride Parade, it was a different group of Christian voices being heard from the crowd. In an amazing display of compassion and reconciliation, a group of friends affiliated with the Pastoral Care for the Marin Foundation, donned ‘I’m Sorry’ T-shirts and held apologetic signs, recognizing the mistreatment of the gay community by the church- a powerful demonstration and a wonderful reminder that these issues aren’t always just black and white. Read more here> Gay Pride

3). Japanese Pensioners Work to Solve Nuclear Crisis– And you thought you were selfless- A group of 200 Japanese pensioners, mostly former engineers and all over the age of 60, banded together to tackle the nuclear crisis at the Fukushima power station back in 2011. They believed that they should be the ones facing the high levels of radiation- not the young. Read more here > Japanese Pensioners

4). Free Dry Cleaning for Job SeekersIn Durham, NC, ‘A Cleaner World’ cleaners are staying true to their name, by offering free services to those who are out of work and need their clothing cleaned for an interview. In today’s economy, when a job offer can literally mean make it or break it, a kindness as simple as this is a wonderful example of how we can all afford to help each other out when times get rough. Read more here > Free Dry Cleaning

5). Bus Driver Gives the Shoes Off His Feet to Homeless ManPolice officers aren’t the only ones who donate shoes: A 38 year old bus driver in Winnipeg Canada, reportedly pulled his bus over while stopped at a red light to give a barefoot, homeless man the shoes off his feet. When interviewed, the bus driver claimed that his act of kindness was something most people would have done, and that he never expected any attention to come from it. He simply saw this homeless man walking two days in a row without shoes, noting that his feet looked sore. Read more here > Generous Bus Driver


In case you missed the viral link that has been popular on social media recently, here are the ’21 photos that will restore your faith in humanity’, some of which I touched upon here. 

’21 photos that will restore your faith in humanity’

Another site worth checking out, is the wonderfully uplifting, where people can tell stories of random acts of kindness they have witnessed or done themselves. A wonderful place to see what is going on in the world every day, even if it doesn’t always make the news.

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