Upcoming Events: MHappy Month!

The month of April is almost upon us, and we have a lot more to look forward to this year besides the inevitability of spring…

MHappy Month is taking place for the first time this April, with a focus on all things happy :). Spear headed by a team of dedicated U of M students, MHhappy Month is a time to reflect on what makes you happy, and an opportunity to explore new avenues towards happiness as well. A schedule of the month-long festivities is posted on the MHappy website, with activites like yoga, giant bowling, hip-hop classes, a ‘what makes life worth living’ conference, and even a Ben Folds concert!


This Monday, 4/1/2013 scheduled events include:

Happy Hour: What’s on your MBucket list? [MHappy] Taking place on the central campus diag from 4-6pm come tell us something on YOUR bucket list!

Comedy Show At the League Underground from 6-8pm features touring comedian Dave Landau

Yoga class [MHappy] Held at the CCRB- rm 3060 from 6-7pm it’s FREE!

So make sure to check out some of the awesome events happening this month- It’s a perfect way to stay relaxed in light of final exams!


TED Talk By Richard Weller: Could The Sun Be Good For Your Heart?

“Our bodies get Vitamin D from the sun, but as dermatologist Richard Weller suggests, sunlight may confer another surprising benefit too. New research by his team shows that nitric oxide, a chemical transmitter stored in huge reserves in the skin, can be released by UV light, to great benefit for blood pressure and the cardiovascular system. What does it mean? Well, it might begin to explain why Scots get sick more than Australians …”


Want to Improve Your Sleep? Be Mindful of What You Drink and Eat!

By Olga Lykhytska, Kristin Harden and Michelle Wehbe, SHAC Sleep Committee

When sleep troubles arise, the root of the problem is often tough to pinpoint. Sometimes it’s not just a matter of when you go to bed and when you set your alarm. Lots of different factors can come into play, and a big one to consider is consumption. What we eat, drink, and even what we’re prescribed, can have a profound impact on how we sleep, and the results are sometimes surprising.

Image courtesy of Ambro/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Ambro/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Alcohol & Sleep

It’s been scientifically demonstrated that alcohol changes sleep physiology, but the effects aren’t exactly straightforward. As a depressant, alcohol may make it easier for most people to fall asleep. Unfortunately, tolerance to alcohol’s sleep-inducing effects can develop quickly, often within just three days.  And even when alcohol helps you fall asleep, it doesn’t necessarily help you stay asleep. Later sleep phases can be seriously disrupted, with an increase in the amount of light sleep in place of deeper sleep phases and wake periods during the second half of sleep.  So if you’re having trouble sleeping, it’s best to avoid alcoholic beverages.

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Smile your way to happiness

Whenever we feel happy, we smile. That’s a given. But does it work the other way? Can smiling actually bring about feelings of happiness?


Image used under Creative Commons 2.0 courtesy of Yellow Becky/flickr.com

In a nutshell, scientists suggest that—yes —regulating facial expression can actually regulate mood. In one study, participants viewing cartoons while holding a pencil in their mouth (which forces a half-smile) were more likely to enjoy those cartoons and find them funny. And an even more recent experiment showed that most participants reported feelings of happiness when their cheeks were physically lifted.

So by engaging our smiling muscles, we may be more likely to assess situations in a positive way!

Want to learn about more ways to find happiness? Check out MHappy’s website at www.mhappy.org and stay tuned for more!

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A review of how I shamROCKed my meals this St. Patty’s Day!

by Lauren Baker, PULSE

Green Eggs and Guacamole

greeneggsguacThis breakfast was loaded with protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates to give my body the proper fuel it needed to start the day.  The green eggs turned out even greener than I originally thought, but they were perfect for St. Patrick’s Day because of the high broccoli/spinach/basil to egg ratio.  By adding broccoli, spinach, and fresh basil to your scrambled eggs, you can enjoy the festive look without extra food coloring.  Now, I realize the crackers I ate with the guacamole aren’t exactly green, but the package was!  Raincoast Crisps are my absolute favorite type of cracker with really any kind of spread. I would highly suggest trying them (so I included them in my breakfast and the picture above for both of our benefit)!

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