5 must-see condom ads

Ever wonder what to say to someone who refuses to wear a condom? This first video might give you some ideas…

And just as a disclaimer for the next video: this video does not depict the “proper” use for condoms! For instructions on how to properly use a condom, watch this video instead. Or, if you want to make a dental dam out of a condom, check out this video.

If you’re using a condom to prevent pregnancy, this Belgian ad might resonate with you…

And let’s not forget, condoms aren’t just for young people!

But let’s be honest. For some of us, buying the condom is far more difficult (and anxiety-inducing) than using it!

The good news is that UM students can pick up free condoms, dental dams, and other safer sex supplies from the Health Promotion Office on the 2nd floor at UHS! No need for any more embarassing trips to the drug store.

Using condoms, and other barrier methods such as female condoms and dental dams, can protect against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Safe is sexy!

For more information, check out http://www.uhs.umich.edu/sxhresources !


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